Testing Requirements

Requirements based off United States Aikido Federation

The ranking system consisting of two categories, Mudansha (white belts) and Yudansha (black belts).  Within each category there are individual levels, each one requiring a higher level of skill.  A student starts out with his/her first test (6th Kyu) after 20 practice days and then progresses through the ranks until they pass their 1st Kyu test.  The next test after the 1st Kyu exam will be their first black belt exam. 


Mudansha Requirements

Yudansha Requirements

1st Kyu: 300 Practice Days

  1. Katatori Menuchi-5 techniques  
  2. Yokomenuchi-5 techniques  
  3. Morotetori-5 techniques  
  4. Shomenuchi-5 techniques  
  5. Ryotetori-5 techniques  
  6. Koshinage-5 techniques  
  7. Tantortori  
  8. Hanmi-Handachi(Ushiro Waza-5 techniques)  
  9. Freestyle-3 persons

2nd Kyu: 200 Practice Days
  1. Shomenuchi Shihonage  
  2. Shomenuchi Kaitennage  
  3. Yokomenuchi Gokyo  
  4. Ushiro Tekubitori Shihonage  
  5. Ushiro Tekubitori Jujinage  
  6. Ushiro Kubishime Koshinage  
  7. Morotetori Nikkyo  
  8. Hanmi-Handachi: Shomenuchi Iriminage  
                                Katatetori Nikkyo  
                                Yokomenuchi Kotegaeshi  
  9. Freestyle-2 persons

3rd Kyu: 100 Practice Days 
  1. Yokomenuchi Iriminage(2 ways)  
  2. Yokomenuchi Kotegaeshi  
  3. Tsuki Kaitennage  
  4. Ushiro Ryokatatori Sankyo(omote & ura)  
  5. Morotetori Iriminage(2 ways)  
  6. Shomenuchi Sankyo(omote & ura)  
  7. Suwari Waza:  Shomenuchi Iriminage  
                            Shomenuchi Nikkyo(omote & ura)  
  8. Hanmi-Handachi: Katetetori Shihonage  
                               Katetori Kaitennage  
                               (uchi & soto mawari*)

4th Kyu: 80 Practice Days
  1. Shomenuchi Nikkyo(omote & ura)  
  2. Yokomenuchi Shihonage(omote & ura)  
  3. Tsuki Iriminage  
  4. Ushiro Tekubi Sankyo(omote & ura)  
  5. Ushiro Ryokatatori Kotegaeshi  
  6. Suwari Waza: Shomenuchi Ikkyo  
                           Katatori Nikkyo(omote & ura)  
                           Katatori Sankyo

5th Kyu: 60 Practice Days
  1. Shomenuchi Ikkyo(omote & ura)  
  2. Shomenuchi Iriminage  
  3. Katatetori Shihonage(omote & ura)  
  4. Ryotetori Tenchinage  
  5. Tsuki Kotegaeshi  
  6. Ushiro Tekubitori Kotegaeshi  
  7. Morotetori Kokyuho

6th Kyu (Rokukyu) 20 practice days since beginning
  1. Seiza 
     (a) Bowing/Rei
     (b) Rise from seiza
  2. Shikko* Hanmi
     (a) Migi hanmi
     (b) Hidari hanmi
  3. Ukemi
     (a) Ushiro ukemi
          (1) back fall
          (2) back roll*
     (b) Mae ukemi*
  4. Kokyu undo
     (a) Funakogi undo
     (b) Ikkyo undo
  5. Tai sabaki
     (a) Tenkan
     (b) Irimi
     (c) Irimi tenkan
     (d) Tenshin
  6. Hanmi (w/partner)
     (a) Ai hanmi
     (b) Gyaku hanmi
  7.Atemi (w/partner)
     (a) Tsuki
     (b) Yokomenuchi
     (c) Shomenuchi
  8. Tai no henko (w/partner) as both uke and nage
  9. Kokyudosa - Zagi Kokyuho (sitting) (w/partner)

San-dan: 700 Practice Days
1. Attend 2 seminars per year after Ni-Dan. Subject of exam to be determined by examiner at the time of the exam.

Ni-dan: 600 Practice Days
1. Attend 2 seminars per year after Sho-Dan  
2. All of Sho-Dan requirements  
3. Tachitori-2  
4. Freestyle-5  
5. Kaeshiwaza***

Sho-dan: 300 Practice Days
1. All of 1st Kyu requirements  
2. Tachitori  
3. Jotori  
4. Henkawaza**  
5. Freestyle-4 persons